Welcome to Le Triomphe Owner's Association

The On-Guard Resident Gateway

First you can view the information that is contained in the On-Guard Security Database. From that point you will be able to add, edit, or delete most of your data. I wish to emphasize that this is your data and you do have responsibility to keep it accurate. For instance, if you change your phone number, you should change your phone number in the database. This helps the Security staff to reach you when someone wishes to visit you.

The screen on the right with the areas highlighted in red are the various fields and options that you have permission to view and edit the present data in your file.

To Log-in, please click on the button below


You are now required to log in using your first name and last name separated by a period [“.”], as an  example

Your Pin Number is your password

Do not use “Res” for the Account Name or “res” for the Password.  This is NO LONGER REQUIRED.

You will be prompted to create a permanent password during your first login with the new procedure.